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Montessori Village - It takes a village to learn a language

Learn Dutch quickly and properly & swift integration into Dutch society                Montessori Village

Unique language offer
In addition to the supervision of non-Dutch speaking children aged 0-6 years in our SPIL centre, De Temple has started Montessori Village. ‘Montessori Village' is a unique language offer for children aged 4-12 and their parents who are new in the Netherlands and do not yet know the language. By working with a small group of up to 15 children, the focus is on individual growth and self-development. The starting point is everyday life, where the language environment is not limited to the classroom. Because:' It takes a village to learn a language' 

Within and outside the classroom walls
We use our entire child centre and the environment to teach you and your child the Dutch language.
In addition to the friendly multifunctional Village classroom, we have our own adventure square with a picking garden, a park with a petting zoo nearby, a shopping centre opposite the school and a youth library in our building. We work with themes and link activities and trips to them.

Customised programme
Every child is different. That's why your child receives a customised offer that suits her or his abilities and pace. During the ‘Village’ year, the emphasis is on learning and using the Dutch language. At the same time, all Village children are also part of a Montessori group with their peers. In this group they participate in activities such as gymnastics and creative lessons. After approximately 40 to 60 weeks, your child will pass on to the regular Montessori group.

Digital and real buddies
Supervision in the Village is in the hands of a specialist teacher. In addition, there are Dutch-speaking buddies of all ages who can help at different times. For customised language offerings, we use special language programmes and your child will receive their own companion (small laptop) for school.

Parents are welcome
Parents have an important place in Montessori Village. We will involve you in language activities for several day-parts per week. You are also welcome at the start of each day and we can certainly use your help with the Village trips and various afternoon activities. Together with your child or children you will learn to understand and use the new language. Learning the language together and guidance on how to work with the language outside the school is not only fun, but it also makes it easier for you to integrate into Dutch society.

More information and registration
For more information and registration, please contact:  

  • Ms Effy van Son, director   
effy.vanson@salto-eindhoven.nl    040-2412671 (Mon-Tue-Thur)
  • Ms Henny Falkus, internal supervisor
henny.falkus@salto-eindhoven.nl 040-2412671 (Tue – Wed - Thur)               

In October 2018, Montessorinet, a platform for montessori education, paid extensive attention to Montessori Village, as an important and innovative development in the field of learning the Dutch language to children who are new to our country. Montessori Village helps children and their parents, who do not speak Dutch at all, to learn our language in a unique and fast way, so that they can quickly enter the regular educational process. We are very pleased with this attention and recognition of our innovative teaching ideas. The article can be found via this link: 

 article: Montessori Village: "it takes a Village to learn a language"